Physician Assistant Dermatopathology Session:


Dates for 2019 PA Sessions: May 17th and September 20th, 2019

Physician Assistants receive 5 hours of Category 1 CME credit for this extensive review of microscopic images of many dermatologic diseases and conditions. This includes microscopic review of slides as well as clinicopathologic correlation and discussion of appropriate biopsy techniques for suspected disease processes. A tour of our state of the art laboratory with explanation of our procedures and protocols is part of the experience. At the end of the session, Physician Assistants will have an understanding of the correlation of the clinical appearance of lesions and the appearance of these images under the microscope as well as the benefits of performing the most informative biopsy technique of various diseases and neoplasms. There is no charge for this training session, and an anonymous survey is sent to participants following the session for any feedback they can provide.

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